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If you do not find what you are looking for, please email me and ask. I will add more questions and answers as they pop up.

  • What is Sports Massage?
    Sports massage has many definitions, *Sports massage is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person engaged in regular physical activity. *The application of specific massage techniques to an athlete with the purpose of enhancing the athlete’s preparation for, or recovery from, the physical demands of training or competition. *Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward participants in athletics. It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries. All in all it is all about looking after the body, making sure that it is functioning at its optimal performance levels. As described on my home page Sports Massage Therapy is not just for athlete's. If you struggle with chronic pain, unable to relax or sleep then there are benefits for you too.
  • What should I expect during a massage session?
    On arrival you and I will sit down and discuss your current and previous health, injuries, dysfunctions and any prescribed medications, cautions and contraindications. We will talk about what you are presenting, how long its been going on and what you would like to achieve. I will complete a full postural assessment documenting my findings. I will get you to complete functional movements in the form of active, passive and resistsed movements. I will also carry out specialist tests but will all depend on what you are presenting. These tests will identify your overal range of movement including mobility, flexibility, stability, strength and any dysfunctions you may have. I will discuss the best way for us both to move forwards, explain my findings and explain the treatment plan. Before I treat you I will need you to agree to the treatment plan before I ask you to give your consent so I can carry out the treatment. The treatment will commence and you will be spoken to throughout the session. I will explain what I am doing and the reasons behind the techniques. At the end of the session I will re-test your movements and discuss any ongoing treatment plan. It is likley that I will give you homework to do to help aid your recovery.
  • Does Sports Massage Hurt?
    Well that is the question that is on a lot of people's mind. Sports Massage relates to a number of bodily systems particulary muscular and connective tissues and the ability to change these tissues by stimulating and adapting it through a variety of techniques. Muscles can become injuried, stretched, shortened, stagnant or stop firing. Therefore by way of stimuation a therapist / practioner can reduce and or relieve pain, increase length and mobility, increase muscle firing and aid recovery. Unfortunitely many of these techniques used can cause discomfort. This discomfort may not be comfortable but it should not be painful. If you experience alarming pain then 'in my opinion' the therapist is not looking after you appropriately. Breathing helps relax these tissues and therefore we can work togther to get through the iscomfort.
  • What do you mean by Mobile Service and Clinic Based Service?
    Mobile Service Unfortunately I no longer provide mobile Sports Massage Treatments. Please book for clinic only. Clinic Based Service I am based at a clinic in Melton, Woodbridge on the Riduna Park site, Unit 12 Lara Pepper Nutrition. Pilates. Massage where I carry out my appointments. This clinic is brand new, modern, bright, warm, and comfortable. If you would like to book in at the clinic then please follow the link on the treatment page.
  • Aftercare advice !
    1. Drink plenty of water to remove toxins that are released during a massage. You may notice a change to your urine frequency and colour for a short time. 2. Don’t over-push yourself after the massage as it is not unusual to feel tired and sleepy. 3. If you are worried about anything after a treatment contact your therapist. I am always happy to guide you and give you further advice. 4. If you are tender after a treatment, and often clients are for 2-3 days as the body heals, you can use ice packs then heat packs alternately. This can help to accelerate the healing and reduce any tenderness. 5. Light movement is also good to help the blood flow to and from the muscles. The worse the treatment reaction the better the overall client improvement that follows once the body has rebalanced. 6. Sports Massage has great results if followed by a stretching and strengthening 7. Undertake regular stretches – Holding a stretch for 30 seconds to allow development and lengthening. Self-check for tender areas – be aware of your body, watch your posture and correct yourself! 8. Don’t stand or sit in the same position for long periods – especially cross-legged or hunched over a computer. 9. The body likes movement and does not cope well in fixed positions where muscles are tense.Foam rollers and Trigger balls will aid your recovery. I am very pro when it comes to self help and will promote the use of these instruments. I will provide advice as and when but YouTube is a great place to pick up exercises for home recovery. Foam Rollers Trigger Balls 10. RE-BOOK!!! Just remember, the body is made up of many systems. It is unbelievable how the body adapts, repairs, recovers from injuries or dysfunctions. These can build up over many years and we must remember that one session may not be enough. It is important to keep on top of your recovery. The more you do now to help yourself, the less you will need in the future. 11. Techniques used can vary from person to person. The desired result is that we stimulate and cause an adaptation to connective tissue and muscle to facility repair, recovery and promote health. Some of us will feel instant results and some may not. 12. Positive psychology is required. If you think it’s not going to work, guess what? It won’t!!!
  • What would you like to know?
    Email me with a questions, I will answer it and add it to the FAQ if appropriate.
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